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Time to Add a New Car to Your Personal Fleet?

If you have found us by searching “buy here pay here car dealers near me” on Google, then you’ve found one of the best car dealerships in Easley SC! Do you need a car for yourself? Or maybe your child is going off to college and you want to get them a reliable car but […]

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Common Myths Regarding BUY HERE PAY HERE Dealerships

In this day and age of “alternative facts” we must wade through the muck and get to the heart of things.  During tax season, people tend to be a little apprehensive when going to a BUY HERE PAY HERE dealership.  Will the investment of their tax dollars go […]

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Imagine: you’re driving/riding along the highway on your way to work. You look out the window and see a bunch of flags waving in the breeze. Those flags have the words “BUY HERE PAY HERE” printed on them. And you ask yourself, “What does that mean? Wouldn’t I normally buy there and pay there?” The answer is […]

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