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4 Signs that Tell a Buy Here Pay Here Dealership is Right for You

So, you are ready to buy a used car but the question remains – from where? Should you consider a certified dealer? Or, do you stick to a buy here pay here dealership in Easley? You explore all the pros and cons. You read what experts have to say. Yet, the decision does not come easily to you as the internet is always divided.
Here’s the truth! It all comes down to your preference and which dealership can serve your needs the best. Sit with yourself and look for the following signs. If you tick more than just one box, you then need to buy your next car from a buy here pay here dealership in Easley and nowhere else.

1. You have a bad credit score…

And it will take a long time to increase that score. If you tick this box first, you must look at no credit cars for sale. Every conventional dealership requires you to come with a pre-approved auto loan. And most lenders like banks only offer loans to good credit score holders. Buy here pay here dealerships finance bad credit score holders. No matter what score you have, you can get an auto loan easily if your pay check is enough. This is the best way to get a used car now without waiting an eternity for your credit score to improve.

2. You want the best used car model

Take the Honda Accord for example. Or, the Subaru Impreza. 2014 was their glorious year when these cars bested all competition on almost all grounds. In a certified dealership, you will not a 2014 Accord or a 2014 Impreza. It only deals with fairly new luxury models that people tend to lease. But in a buy here pay here dealership like Family Auto where the inventory is massive, be sure to get the used car you want. Often, the best used car in Easley lies somewhere in the past and you need access to a large inventory to get it.

3. You want a warranty on your used car

While talking about used car warranties, people rarely spare a thought about no credit cars for sale. We tend to assume that only certified dealerships offer used car warranties. However, in Family Auto buy here pay here dealership, used car warranties are available on its entire fleet and the deal is comparable to the one available with certified dealers. Family Auto offers a flat 2 years/36,000 miles warranty on any car you buy. Most certified dealers charge a premium for offering this same warranty on one of their cars.

4. You want to trade your old car

Rarely do certified dealers accept trade-ins. And even if they do, they only accept used cars of those brands that they are certified with as a dealership. This is, of course, an inconvenience. Trade-ins enable you to use the monetary value of your old car in the down payment of the next car and your overall loan burden comes down by a notch. Here again, a top buy here pay here dealership in Easley is your answer. Family Auto accepts used cars of all makes and models and offers you the best trade-in rates in the market.


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