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Buy Here Pay Here No Credit Check Dealership in Easley

What to Expect from a Buy Here Pay Here No Credit Check Dealership in Easley?

When you come across a banner saying “no credit check buy here pay here in Easley, SC”, it is only natural to feel confused. On one hand, you know from the name what the business is about while on the other, you are not sure as to what you will exactly receive once you visit such a used car dealership. The claim is right, but not entirely. You will get auto loans with no credit score check but the credit report will still matter. So, to clear your confusion, here we list all the expectations that you should be carrying to a top buy here pay here dealership in Easley. We state the facts and decode reality.

Expect: No credit score check during the auto loan processing

Right! A buy here pay here used car dealership in Easley, SC is both a used car seller and a financial house. A part of the profit they make by selling used cars goes into helping customers finance their cars who cannot approach a bank or credit union owing to their poor credit scores. No used car dealer makes enough revenue just by selling vehicles. Hence, BHPH dealers have diversified to earn from the interest you pay on your auto loan. The condition is that you buy a used car from their lot only and in return, they help you finance your car when other financial institutions are turning your credit requests down.

Expect: A comparatively higher interest rate than banks

Even if a buy here pay here in Easley, SC functions outside the strict jurisdictions of the Federal Reserve, they are still part of the United State’s financial markets. And they operate by the market rules and charge interest on auto loans as per the market norms. Your risk factor is determined by your credit score. A poor credit score happens when you have taken a financial hit or recently lost your job or just started on your career. These are financially unstable grounds and the lender tries to protect his/her loan by charging a higher interest rate than he/she would have to a good credit score holder. As per the market, bad credit auto loans come with higher interest rate than conventional car loans, and expect the same at the BHPH dealership.

Don’t Expect: Any amount of loan you want

Combining the above two expectations, it may seem that you can apply for any amount of auto loan you want. Your credit request will be easily approved and you are ready to pay the interest rate. So, why not buy a premium luxurious used car that costs over $30,000? This is where your credit report plays a deciding role. Auto loan approved or not, you still have a poor credit score and you still have your liabilities to pay on your fixed income. Going all out while buying a used car will drive you into bankruptcy. This will not help anyone. Hence, a top BHPH used car dealership in Easley, SC will look at your credit report, inspect your debt-to-income ratio, and only approve that loan amount that you can afford. The process will also shield you from the pinch of high interest rate as the net sum is now limited.

Expect: To buy the car you want

Just because your loan amount just got capped, it does not mean that you will have to compromise on the make and model you want. The best part about used car dealerships is that your options are not restricted to the latest year or just one manufacturer. If you want a Honda Civic, you can buy a 2011 model instead of 2014 to fit your budget. Or, you can look at Toyota Camry or Hyundai Elantra which carry almost similar features. With Family Auto cars, you will never run out of options. Visit the Family Auto of Easley to make use of our massive inventory and buy the car you want right within your budget. The dealership you choose ultimately decides your no credit check buy here pay here experience and Family Auto is indeed a top name.


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