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4 Smart Strategies to Buy Used Cars with Buy Here Pay Here No Credit Financing

Well, your credit score had taken a hit a few years back and it wasn’t your fault. But the FICO system does not consider the true guilty party. You continue to pay your liabilities, the bad score remains, and getting an auto loan becomes a nightmare. Luckily for you, several car dealers with bad credit financing today make used car purchases easier for customers with bad credit. They do not check your credit score and approve an auto loan in return for a slightly higher interest rate. So, to buy your next used car from a buy here pay here dealership, follow these 4 strategies to keep your savings intact and drive out with a quality car. Simple tricks but assured results.

1. Look past luxury/premium cars

Here is a fun fact – almost all used trucks in Easley carry a V6 engine. A few upscale ones carry a V8. The premium used trucks that do carry the bulkier V8 offer enhanced powertrain performance but you will rarely have to tow that much unless you are in the shipping business or living in a trailer. A V6 will do the job fine and your truck will run without the ventilated seats, leather interiors, or high-tech infotainment. Luxury vehicles are overhyped and they only increase the price you pay and subsequently the interest.

2. Avoid the allure of low monthly premiums

Many dealers with buy here pay here no credit financing try to rope in customers by showing the low monthly premiums they can pay by drawing out the loan span to 5-7 years. But hidden in the fine print is the high interest rate as the per market that bad credit score holders have to pay for that many years. Remember, the ideal credit span is 3 years. Choose dealers who offer you this deal without stressing about the monthly premiums. Check your car price if you want to limit your premium payment.

3. Have one eye on the demand

How many Toyotas or Hondas do you see on the Easley roads? Too astronomical to count, right? That is because people trust the cars of these brands as they have historically made reliable and safe vehicles. Demand shoots up prices and in the used car market, a few models cost more than the others even when the features are nearly the same. Keep an eye on that and visit car dealers with bad credit financing that also has a huge inventory. See Hyundai instead of Honda, Subaru instead of Kia.

4. Ask how to improve your credit score

In the buy here pay here no credit dealership, you will be taking an auto loan and you will be paying it back. So, are you not entitled to get your credit score improved along the way as you are sticking to the premium schedule? Top names in upstate South Carolina, like Family Auto, report your payment history to the necessary authorities. Seek out such dealers to buy your used car as you should never forgo the opportunity to work on your credit score. Win-win from every angle for you.


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