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4 Smart Ways to Increase Your Car’s Down Payment

You really do not need to be reminded of the benefits of paying a high down payment. But as easy as it might be to say those statements, it is never simple for used car buyers to pay a lump sum amount upfront. You might want to pay a high down, but you will also have to save enough cash in your bank for your future. The struggle is constant to come to an optimum decision.

However, if you play it smart, you can increase your down payment option without paying anything extra. If you search for the right buy here pay here car lots near me with the right financial deals, you can really reduce your credit amount. So, for you, here are 4 ways in which you can positively flex your down payment, and make some savings in the long run.

1. Keep accumulating referral money

A few used car dealerships offer you referral money even when you have not been their customer. Look out for such dealers and keep adding such referral offers into your account. Cash it in when you are going to buy your used car and increase your down payment by that sum. Often, the amount can go up to $100 for every referral and you can definitely earn big.

2. Use your W2 refund money

The refund that you are eligible to receive from the government on your W2 does not come immediately. Basically, that money is held up and unusable. At a dealership like the Family Auto, you can use your W2 to increase your down payment by allowing the dealer to file your taxes and take the refund on your behalf when it comes. Right now, you get to use that sum and avert that annoying wait period.

3. Exchange your old used car

A good no credit check car dealership will also have a trade-in policy where you can exchange your old used car and use the dollar-equivalent as a down payment. Trade-in offers really help buyers to substantially increase the down amount and walk away with minimum credit on their shoulders. Always pick dealers with trade-ins. Otherwise, you are losing out on an opportunity.

4. Buy from dealers with a large inventory

A large inventory means a healthy supply of cars. And such dealers are more willing to charge you less for a used car to prevent inventory buildup. When the price falls, the down payment you can afford automatically increases, and you become less dependent on credit. Hence, it is smart to search for a large buy here pay here car lots near me and buy from there.


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