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5 DIY Car Repairs that Every Owner Should Know

Who likes to get their hands dirty?Plus, with roadside assistance available on most models, do you really learn any basic car repair? Well, you should. It always helps to be self-sufficient and conducting a few DIY repairs. You will not only save a few bucks but also get yourself home safely without being stranded on the highway in the middle of the night waiting for roadside assistance to arrive. Just after buying your vehicle from the top used car dealership in Easley, fire up YouTube, or take the assistance of an expert and learn the following DIY car repairs for all those cases of minor emergencies.

1.Changing a tire

This naturally tops the list. A flat tire is the most frequent glitch that your car is likely to see and it is quicker to change the wheel yourself than depending on roadside assistance. Learn the trick, keep the tools along with the spare tire. This, in fact, is the simplest life-saving car repair in the books.

2.Removing scratches from the car’s body

A used truck in Easley will see its fair share of scratches while on the road. No matter how safely you drive, someone or the other is bound to brush past your vehicle. In a body shop, it can cost you well over a thousand dollars. But there is a DIY trick that requires simple sanding, applying a rubbing compound, and polishing.

3.Replacing head and tail lights

Another simple DIY car repair! All you need to do is buy a new lamp from the store, unscrew the broken head or tail lights from your car, connect the electrical wires with the new light and screw the replaced product back on. There is nothing that you cannot do while replacing head or tail lights that an expert mechanic can.

4.Changing the spark plug

This might seem daunting at first but a quick video tutorial can make things simple for you. Or, you can also ask the dealer to show you from where you are buying used cars with easy financing in Easley, SC.Locating the spark plug is the tricky part. Then, it is similar to fixing the headlights.

5.Changing wipers

Right! Windshield wipers seem like such a trivial car part that we often forget that they exist and need replacing as well. Faulty or damaged wipers can pose a serious safety issue as they can compromise visibility during a downpour. You can easily replace it yourself by pressing the small tab at its root and fixing the new one in its place.


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