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5 Things to Do Right After You Buy Your New Used Car

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There are a few steps that you need to take care of before buying a used car. Similarly, there are a certain number of steps that you must carry out after you have driven the vehicle home. Cars are a massive investment. You will want to make sure that you are following all the legal rules and staying on the right side of things. Depending on the used car dealers in Easley, South Carolina, from whom you make the purchase, you might have to carry out the following or ensure that they have been taken care of on your behalf. Consider this as your essential checklist.

1. Insure the car with the VIN

Driving around without insurance is not a monetarily sound idea. So, even before searching for cheap used cars in Easley, it is logical to pinpoint good insurance agencies who are willing to offer competitive premiums. Apart from the car’s price, your insurance cost will depend on your driving experience, credit score, the make and year of the car, and more. As soon as you decide on a vehicle, get the VIN and ask for a quote. Family Auto dealerships can help you find the right insurance agent, who will make this process much easier.

2. Register the car in your name

The top used car dealerships near Easley, SC, do this for you. It comes in the package as they also help consumers to finance their vehicles and title transfer has to exist as a service. Many dealers also do a temporary job. That is, you get the preliminary registrations done and the papers along with the plate arrives in your mail later. Either way, make sure that the registration is happening right in the dealership.

3. Consider extended warranties

Used cars always carry the risk of unforeseen repairs. And that can come sooner than your expectations. If the dealership is not providing any warranty, consider buying an extended one from a third-party provider to transfer the burden of repair costs. However, the best used car dealers in Easley, South Carolina, offer flat comprehensive warranties on their vehicles and takes away this necessity.

4. Drive around the city


At least 15-minute test drive is a good metric to judge a car but it is not enough to reveal everything. On the very next day of your purchase, take the car around your city, starting and stopping frequently, and keeping your senses open to detect any defects. Hit the highway also, if possible, and cruise for a few minutes. In case of any minor glitch, you can claim your warranty and get the repairs done.

5. Schedule the maintenance routine

You can take a week for this but no further. Sit down with the owner’s manual and the dealership-provided service history and jot down the dates when you have to take your car for routine maintenance like oil change, tire rotation, and more. Following the said norms will keep your vehicle running for a long time.


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