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5 Used Cars in Easley with Low Maintenance Costs

Maintenance cost or cost of ownership often slip our radar when we think about buying used cars. We worry more about the price of the vehicle, insurance costs, credit premiums, and taxes. These are lump-sum amounts and they do pinch us. But maintenance costs are irregular. We spend small for maintaining our cars in a spread manner and naturally they appear last on our worry list. However, when you add the cost, the amount will not appear as unthreatening as it seemed in your mind.

So, you need to consider used cars with low maintenance costs. We have listed the top 5 here. Visit one of the top car dealerships in Easley, SC, test drive all, and buy the one that resonates with you.

1. Hyundai Elantra

We have to start with this compact sedan as this is a used car that will probably cost you the least to maintain. Over the past few years, Hyundai is trying to beat the market by providing industry-leading warranties and the automaker is achieving that feat by bringing down the cost of maintenance. Buy a used Elantra and get the benefit. It packs all the required features that you will want in a sedan.

2. Kia Rio

It is not surprising that Kia Rio costs almost nothing to maintain for a long time. After all, Hyundai owns Kia and the advantage of reduced maintenance cost overflows. In the hatchback segment, a used Kia Rio might not be a popular vehicle but it does a decent job when it comes to EPA, engine performance, cargo space, and safety. The Rio actually deserves more credit than it receives.

3. Toyota Yaris

As if high reliability was not enough, Toyota worked hard on its Yaris and decreased its cost of ownership. The subcompact hatchback is also the automaker’s least expensive car and obviously, the vehicle would be a great buy in a top dealership with no credit check buy here pay here offer. EPA peaks at 36mpg on the highway and you get all the required technology in terms of safety and infotainment. Plus, there is always the brand value of owning a used Toyota.

4. Volkswagen Jetta

Not many will term the Volkswagen Jetta as an inexpensive car to maintain but when you compare the vehicle with others in its segment, this car does not bother you financially during your ownership. Yes, you will require special parts during replacements and yes, Volkswagen does not have a great reliability rating, but when you buy from reputed used car dealerships in Easley, SC, the underlying quality makes those repairs a rare phenomenon.

5. Honda Fit

In the used subcompact hatchback segment, Honda Fit might cost you high initially but the car will make it up to you during your ownership. First up, Honda Fit is extremely reliable. And second, its cost of maintenance is one of the lowest in the market. And of course, you get the best EPA figures with a Honda as highway EPA touch 40mpg and the technology you get on grounds of safety is a class apart.


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