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Americans Love Pickup Trucks and This Can Help Your Resale


In 2019, Ford sold almost 900,000 units of its F-Series pickup trucks, topping all other brands available in the segment. RAM came in next with a sales figure of nearly 634,000. Chevrolet’s Silverado returned impressive numbers of 575,500 and the least popular, Toyota Tacoma, saw figures of almost 249,000 units. All that happened in just one year. And that should show you the sheer popularity of pickup trucks in the United States. You might love them as well, or do not care much, but to gain a high resale value, used trucks in Easley is where you should be headed.

Why Americans love pickup trucks?

There is a sense of efficiency in US culture. Right from the time when the first truck hit the US roads in the 1900s, people loved it due to its utilitarian value. They could lug more weight than horse carriages, cover long distances in short periods, work at night with headlights, and the vehicle made more sense to own for the business to prosper. Now that we have moved on from the farm age and become more urban, we still love trucks for similar reasons. These can haul more load than SUVs, are safer than most sedans, and provide more space than typical minivans. In short, when the people are getting all from just one segment, why look anywhere else at all?

How can it help your resale?

Dodge Ram 2005

The demand for pickup trucks has naturally risen in the US. Plus, the automakers started packing their trucks with luxury features from the early 2000s that made the segment even more lucrative. That has taken the average price of pickups to almost $44,000 in 2019 with a few models being valued at over $100,000. This steep rate is compelling consumers to look at used trucks for sale in Easley. Prices come down to almost half those figures in the latter market. Here lies your benefit of raking up a high resale.

Today, you can invest in a 3 to 5-year old used truck from a top buy here pay here dealership. The quality of the vehicle will preserve its resale value for a lengthy period. 5 years down the lane, you can either trade-in or sell directly as a number of consumers will surely be looking for Easley cheap used trucks given the current popularity and price hike trends. The high demand will bring you the price. You will stand to gain the highest resale value from a pickup truck than any other segment. The math works, the dots connect, and pickups are currently the best bet.


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