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Can I Buy a Used Car if I Recently Joined a Job?

Financing your car is not easy if you have recently joined a job. Things become more difficult if this is your first job. You are generally required to wait for at least a year, depending on your income, to build a credit score and prove to your lenders that your work has security. Before that, most conventional financial institutions will turn you away or ask you to return with a cosigner who has a stellar score to show. But, fortunately, this is not the 20th century anymore. The US used car market has flourished and there are financing options today that accommodate almost all customers’ needs.

Yes, you can buy a used car with a new job

The buy here pay here no credit check dealerships offer auto financing to such buyers who have recently joined a job. They provide loans to customers with no credit score to show, and without a cosigner. If your paycheck covers the monthly payments that you will be required to pay, you are good to go, or you can extend the loan timespan to fit the credit payments within your budget. Your job at hand is your collateral. The overwhelming supply and popularity of used cars enable these dealers to make such an offer to you.

You are entitled to other financial services as well

The best buy here pay here car dealerships in Easley, South Carolina, also sell other auto financial products like insurances. Your credit score, again, will not affect the premium rates that you will have to pay. Any other third-party institution will look at your credit score to determine your coverage payments. Your income will determine your risk and thus, the plan you can buy for your car. In BHPH dealerships, these schemes do not exist. Their business model revolves around no credit check auto financing.

Build your score while driving your car

Having a debt in your portfolio and making timely payments against it actually helps to improve your credit score faster combined with the monthly paycheck that you are drawing. Waiting for a year will increase your score. But paying the auto debt will boost it further. Plus, a few reputable dealerships with buy here pay here in South Carolina report your timely payments to the credit authorities to help build your score while you drive so that you become eligible for other financing options that you might have to take.

So, give up the old-school thought that your new job is not enough to get you a car. Visit the best buy here pay here no credit check dealership and fulfill your dream today.


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