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Cheap Used Cars Aren’t Always a Smart Buy! Here’s Why

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Used cars sell almost at all prices in the United States. If you look around, you will surely find vehicles under $3,000. Although such cheap used cars in Easley may seem like an opportunity of a lifetime, for the time being, such vehicles are sure to carry baggage that will drain your finances in repairs. The average price of used cars in 2019 was around $20,000. This shows that the $3,000-mark falls in the lowest bracket. You may feel that you are making a smart investment but cheap isn’t always smart.

Most cheap cars have hidden problems

Constance Conroy bought a cheap 2010 Renault Logan for a price she could not believe to be true. Being a retired nurse, she was happy to pay less for the sedan that can decently haul her family of two. However, within months, the Logan started developing frequent engine problems until her mechanic finally suggested a full-blown repair. It turned out that the car was flood-damaged and possessed a washed title. Constance had no idea while making the purchase.

If finance is indeed your worry, look for used car lots that finance instead of settling for cheap cars. Spread out your payments over 3 years and get vehicles with warranties. Most cheap used cars either carry a bad history or a salvaged title and the buyer stays in the dark due to his/her in expertise.The price tag seems so lucrative that customers forego their instincts and shop on impulse.

Or, cheap cars are not worth it

Thomas Schwab got hold of a 2008 Volkswagen at a great deal. The car was really cheap and had no visible defects. But, as Thomas recounts, the Volkswagen did not serve him well. It drank too much gas, gave up mid-way while carrying load, and often had to be taken to the shop for something or the other. He finally gave up the car after 3 years and bought a 2012 Ford Fusion from a bad credit car dealership in Easley that helped him finance without credit score hassles.

The lack of demand also makes a few cars cheap. People do not want to buy them owing to their low reliability and poor service. You may very well pick up these cars at an overwhelmingly low rate but will seldom receive value for money. Instead, quality bad credit cars for sale make a better case owing to the associated financing offers. Nothing was wrong with Thomas’s car. But his cheap investment did not give him the return he expected. Good quality used cars with warranties are the way to go.


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