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CPO Cars vs Buy Here Pay Here Used Cars: Which One is the Best Choice?

A simple Google search for the options from where you can buy your used cars will list a number of avenues where you can walk. Among them, certified pre-owned vehicles and buy here pay here used cars are the top two natural contenders owing to the deals that you get along with the purchase. And when pitched against one another, there is just one winner. This post tries to achieve just that. To come to a conclusion as to which one is a better option, CPO cars or BHPH cars? Let’s find out.

Your credit score will matter while buying CPO cars

You will need an auto loan to purchase a CPO car. That means you will have to knock on the doors of the traditional financial houses you will extend an auto loan to you based on your credit score and turn you away if you have nothing to show. This, on the other hand, is not a factor at the top BHPH Easley car dealerships. They have an in-house financing team who approve an auto loan to you despite your score and you are sure to get a car no matter your financial condition.

Both types of used cars come with warranties

CPO cars are generally vehicles that return to their automaker’s dealership after serving their lease period. As they are no longer new cars, the manufacturer then sells them as used cars and give their customers warranties. You get a similar type of deal when you opt for Family Auto sales. Such buy here pay here dealers also offer you warranties on mileage and service that work as back about the quality of the car. In this respect, both types of used cars stand on the same footing.

Your options are limited with CPO cars

With certified pre-owned cars, you cannot choose among brands in a particular dealership. For instance, you can only buy a Chevrolet used car in the Chevrolet dealership and in order to compare it with a Ford, you will have to travel to a whole new dealership. But with buy here pay here Easley car dealerships, you can all your options in one place. You can choose among different makes and models as they are not tied up with any one brand.

Thus, BHPH used cars are the way to go

Buy here pay here used cars are all-around winners. From finances to choices, they give you everything that you wish for while purchasing a car. So, make an informed decision and go for the better option. BHPH dealerships tick all the right boxes.


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