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How Long Can You Expect Your Used Car to Last?

Surely you have spotted a 1970s vintage iconic car somewhere on the South Carolinian roads. Or, you might have seen one on sale with a used car dealer in Easley. How is it possible that a car, with nearly 50 years on it, is still running or even selling? The explanation is quite simple – you take care of the machine and it can run you forever. Neglect it and it will age faster. Modern cars are designed to last even longer than the 1970s iconic models. Improved technology has enabled automakers to build sturdier engines and fit more replaceable parts. Today, if you ask how long a used car is supposed to run, the best answer you will getis it depends. A lot of factors work to age a car and you need to stay clear of them,

Buy the best possible used car

Two things you will need to keep in mind here. One, the quality of the used cars by dealer that you are buying. And two, the make and model that you are investing in.

Used cars come with a history. And that history decides how long a used car will run for you. If you buy a used car that was not properly maintained, poorly reconditioned, and driven harshly, expect expensive repairs to soon haunt you. Plus, despite the repairs, the used car may still retain some of its internal irreversible wear and tear and you might have to give the vehicle up just after a few years. Hence, quality matters, which is decided by the dealership you pick. Buy from a top buy here pay here in Easley. At Family Auto, you get warranties that back the assurance of quality.

Also, some cars are statistically known to run longer than others. Take Easley Toyota used cars as examples. Toyota is known to manufacture cars with the best reliability. Its sturdy engines run longer than any other carmaker’s. So, if you buy a used Toyota, expect your used car to run way longer than the industry average of 11.4 years. Some Toyota owners drive their vehicles for more than 20 years.

Maintain your car by the book

Once you have bought right, it’s time to keep the used car right. This means maintaining your car exactly as mentioned in the owner’s manual. Manufacturers specify when you should go for an oil change, tire replacement, battery change, or even air filter change. Keep those schedules. Do not drive your car way past its recommended mileages. This way, the vehicle will run you a lifetime without showing profound signs of major repairs.

In all, how long your used car runs come down to you.Look away from dangerously cheap used vehicles. Buy only from a reputed used car dealer in Easley. Timely service your car and improve your driving habits. With these, think in terms of decades – that’s how long your vehicle should run.


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