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Is Buying a 10-Year-Old Used Car a Good Idea?

If this was the 1980s, the answer would have been straightforward – no, not a good idea. But luckily, this is the 2020s and 10-year-old cars for sale in Easley deserves a chance. Automotive technology has improved exponentially since 2007. The competitive market has forced manufacturers to produce durable cars that tend to survive a lifetime and if you happen to come across such a used car, the 10 years on the vehicle will not feel like it. Today, buying 10-year-old used cars definitely makes sense, provided you keep a few parameters in mind.

Why buying a 10-year-old used car is a good idea?

Budget is the primary reason why you should consider a 10-year-old vehicle. In its first year, a new vehicle loses almost 20% of its initial dollar value. By the time it is 5-year-old, depreciation eats away 50% of the original price. At the decade mark, the vehicle loses more dollar value to depreciation and you can buy the used car at a bargain. If your budget is tight, you should consider a decade-old car in used car dealerships in Easley. These are a few of the cheapest vehicles in the market.

Additionally, a 10-year-old used car gives you a great resale return. After crossing the decade-old figure, depreciation slows down and the car does not lose its monetary value as fast. You might get a great return after 5 years, provided you take care of the car properly during your ownership.

Lastly, if you purchase a 10-year-old car at the right time, the vehicle might have seen all its major replacements like oil and air filter, timing belt, tires, and so on. You do not have to worry about these anytime soon if you pick the best among all the decade-old used cars for sale in Easley.

However, not all 10-year-old cars carry these benefits

First, even though the starting price may be low for all 10-year-old vehicles, repair expenses are not the same for all models. For example, luxury vehicles like Mercedes require good money to repair than say a Toyota or Chevy sedan. Second, the possibility of repairs depends heavily on the vehicle’s reliability. A Toyota is more reliable than a Chevy and a 10-year-old car of the former make should see fewer repairs overall, thus helping to keep your budget in check.

Finally, the longevity of the 10-year-old vehicle, along with its reliability, will depend on how well the car was maintained and reconditioned before and after it came into the used car lot. Buying decade-old vehicles from random used car dealerships in Easley, SC carries the risk of the car being a lemon and you might end up spending a fortune behind repairs later.

So, stick to trusted used car lots that finance in Easley. Buy a 10-year-old used car from dealerships like Family Auto where you get a flat 2 years/36,000 miles warranty. This way, you know that you are buying a quality used car, and despite its age, the car should run you a long time without many repair hiccups or major expenses.


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