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No! Bad Credit Car Purchases Do Not Hurt Your Finances

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Comparatively higher interest rates, when pitted against banks, have tarnished the reputation of the bad credit ecosystem. Many shy away from buying used cars with bad credit believing the popular opinions about interests and APRs only and not seeing the bigger picture. Yes, you can always wait for your credit score to improve and then financing your car through the conventional sources, but the numbers do not go up in a matter of days. If you can accept the reasons for the inflated interest rates, a brighter picture awaits you on the other side.

Bad credit financing gets you started just now

32 years old Sandra Perkins was struggling to launch her shipping/delivery business after she moved from Oklahoma. Her credit score had taken a hit owing to a number of reasons and she was unable to find a lender among the banks. After running around for a few months, she started looking at bad credit cars for sale until she finally managed to buy a used Silverado to start her business. 5 years down the line, her credit score has improved, her brand is thriving and she has settled in South Carolina. Without bad credit financing, Sandra would have remained stuck with no possible ways to improve her credit score.

You own the bad credit used car

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It does not matter whether you buy the used car with bad credit or good credit, at the end of the day, you will want to own the car to take advantage of its asset value. Julio B. Starks did just that when he bought a Yaris from a bad credit car dealership without leasing the model from a Toyota of Easley. Ownership of the vehicle enabled Julio to trade-in the Yaris after driving around for 3 years and invest in a bigger SUV to accommodate his expanding family. Leasing might have kept his budget under check then but as Julio says, the SUV would not have been possible today. Top dealerships that give warranties that assure the bad credit car is of high quality.

Both Sandra and Julio actually got into better financial positions after buying used cars with bad credit. Dealers like the Family Auto even send your monthly payment records to the concerned authorities that help to improve your credit scores. Let these examples bust all the existing short-term illusions about bad credit cars and show you the financial benefits that actually come along. Pick the right dealer, get started with your life, and move forward without depending on your credit scores.


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