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No Credit Check Auto Loans: What’s a Reasonable Monthly Payment Amount?

Financing has made our lives easier. We can buy the commodities we require now and spread out the cost over multiple months. However, we need to figure out the optimal amount we should pay every month to finance a commodity for too little can inflate the interest rate payable while too large can interfere with our monthly budget. This optimization is specifically required when buying used vehicles from car dealerships with no credit check financing. You will want the overall vehicle plus financing cost to be affordable and that is only possible by paying a reasonable monthly payment.

How is your monthly credit payment calculated?

No credit check car dealers typically use the following two parameters to come to a figure for your monthly payments.

1.The net cost of financing the used car. That is, the amount of loan you are taking plus the interest rate payable.
2.The number of months you are taking the loan for, also known as credit span.

The cost of financing further depends upon:

1.The down payment you pay upfront for the vehicle.
2.Your current debt to income ratio.
3.And the credit span which plays a part in determining the interest rate payable.

The above pointers should tell you that no one monthly payment figure can work for all customers. We cannot pinpoint a particular dollar amount and say that this is a reasonable monthly rate for a buy here pay here truck or a used car and anything above is simply outrageous. You can design your monthly payment by controlling the variables like down payment, credit span, used car’s price, and even income to debt ratio. The answer to what is reasonable is what you can afford.

The market averages

Still, you deserve to have an anchor, a benchmark upon which you can build your expectations. And the recent market auto loan monthly payment averages can serve that purpose. In ideal conditions, where you might have paid 10% of the used car’s cost as a down payment and have a bad credit score, the average monthly payment for a $25,000 used vehicle hovers between $500 to $600. Again, we must restate that this is only an average figure and the amount may vary widely depending on the above parameters.

Also, by the rule of thumb, your auto loan monthly payment figure should be 10 to 20% of your net monthly income, depending on your debt to income ratio. You can also use this rule in car dealerships with no credit check financing as your benchmark.

The ideal monthly rate

A figure that you can afford to pay every month without default and that keeps the overall interest rate payable in check. At Family Auto of Easley, you are sure to get the best deals as the credit span is limited to 3 years along with used cars available in almost all price brackets. Plus, we are one of the very few no credit check car dealers who accept old car trade-ins. This is an effective way to increase your down payment amount and reduce the loan burden.
Figure out the ideal monthly payment that is right for you. Then, head over to the best buy here pay here dealership like Family Auto, and plan your financing to get the best returns from your no credit check auto loan.


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