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Preventing the Coronavirus – The Steps You Can Take

The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC) have been repeatedly reminding us about social distancing and washing hands as the primary prevention steps that we can all take against the coronavirus. Working from home has also become a necessity for many. Yet, with all these norms in place, over a million people have already been infected with the COVID-19 which only goes on to show that these mere steps are not enough. Maybe we should be doing more. Maybe further preventive measures are necessary. With opinions pouring in from all corners, it is hard to keep track of what all you should really be doing.

Well, to amp up your vigilance to prevent the coronavirus, you should be:

Sticking closely to your personal hygiene routine

That includes washing your hands with soap and water every hour along with sneezing or coughing into your elbows, not touching your face frequently, and not going out if you are feeling sick. Prevention starts at home and it has to begin with you. If you do not have a travel history or have not been out since this pandemic exploded in the US, you can really prevent it from reaching you by sticking to your personal hygiene routine. Take care of yourself and do your bit.

Sanitize, sanitize, and sanitize

You might not feel the need for it but there is no excuse for not doing it. Especially retail stores that are seeing employees coming in every day and new customers dropping by,sanitizing is a crucial preventive step for preserving society’s health. The Family Auto of Easley has already carried out a sanitization routine when the disease hit South Carolina and currently maintains a schedule of regular cleaning to ensure that none of our outlets become the cause of anyone’s infection.

Wear a mask, if possible

WHO has directed that masks are not necessary for healthy individuals but recent developments in China have shown that they can be a good containment strategy. If you have access to a mask, that is not disrupting the supply to the hospitals, wear one as it might restrict the entry of the virus by creating a barrier. But keep in mind that only biological grade masks are capable of keeping the virus out. And they need to reach the doctors on the front line first before you.

Clean all hard surfaces

Retail store owners need to wipe down all hard surfaces like tabletop, chair hand rests, doorknobs, and drawers regularly. Personally, you need to sanitize your gadgets after bringing them home and clean your car’s interiors with an EPA-approved cleaning agent. At our dealership with buy here pay here in Easley, South Carolina, we have ingrained these routines in our daily proceedings to make sure that our store is in top shape. We also sanitize your car right before you take delivery.

Keep an alcohol-based sanitizer handy

Not always can you wash your hands with soap and water. Not always can you stay away from touching your face as the action is often involuntary. Build a habit of sanitizing your hands with an alcohol-based hand rub every time you touch a foreign object that did not come from your home. That includes your money, wallet, grocery bags, car keys, pen, and your belt buckle. Every drop count when the fight is against a pandemic like the COVID-19.


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