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The Hard-to-Beat Benefits of Family Auto’s Buy Here Pay Here Financing

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Family Auto of Easley is not your typical buy here pay here dealer and that has always been our greatest strength. We have grown our business for over 20 years. We offer deals that no one can match in the industry. In our dealership, you get bad credit financing and something more. You find used cars of all makes and models that come with a comprehensive 2 years/36,000 miles warranty. These added benefits keep Family Auto above the typical benchmark and you get a buying experience like no other. Opt for our buy here pay here financing and enjoy the following hard-to-beat benefits in Easley.

1. Trade-in your old car to flex your down payment

It is natural for buy here pay here dealers to not have a trade-in policy. Most dealerships in Easley are limited by their lot capacity and cannot absorb used cars unless their lot is nearly empty. But this only increases your hassle. To benefit from your old car’s dollar value, you will have to sell privately and then start looking for new used cars in Easley, SC. At Family Auto used car dealership, you can skip the hassle by selling to us directly. The greatest advantage is that you can use the resale value to pay your down payment and reduce the loan burden of your next used car.

2. Pay a down payment as low as $500

Yes, you read that right! Family Auto is one of the few dealerships in Easley that allows you to pay such a low-down payment. Most dealers charge a high down amount to approve your bad credit financing, to begin with, because they look to protect their cost price and limit losses. But we are a massive dealership spread all over upstate South Carolina. We have vehicles of all price brackets. If you just have $500, we can design your financing plan to suit that and get you a quality vehicle that you can finance easily. Flexible down payment, even when you do not have a car to trade, is your next benefit.

3. The most competitive interest rate in the market

People opting for bad credit financing often come to terms with high interest rates. Isn’t that how is supposed to be when you have a poor credit score? But Family Auto sales has a different idea as we offer you the most competitive rates in the used car market, again, by helping you design your financing plans smartly. A large inventory gives you varied options. You can pick an affordable used car. And you can go for our 3-year auto loan plan that limits your interest rate payable to a certain limit. You make savings by financing with our buy here pay here dealership. The best rates await you here – at Family Auto of Easley.

4. Pay when you want, through whatever you want

We are one of the few dealerships in Easley that allows you to pick your monthly date of payment. Others just set a number and you are expected to meet the deadline every month, no matter when your pay check comes. We place your credit payment date after the date of the pay check. And you can pay online without ever having to come down to our dealership with cash. The convenience of payment is important for any type of finance. Family Auto promises you that. Visit our dealership in Easley, check out our used cars, and benefit from our financing at every step.


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