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The True Meaning of High Mileage on a Used Car’s Life

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Posted by Family Auto of Easley on Thursday, June 4, 2020

Although the average age of all cars on US roads currently stands at around 11 years, the myth has somehow stuck on that high mileage vehicles are well near their end. The effect of the belief is most felt in a used auto dealership, Easley, where customers often come in with requests of low mileage recent cars. Modern automakers are making vehicles that really last long. Today, the odometer reading has no relationship with the car’s longevity. Data has shown that used cars with 60,000 miles have proven to be less reliable than vehicles with well over 100,000 miles on them.

The truth about high mileage cars

High mileage used cars do face considerable wear and tear owing to their time on the road. However, cars are meant to do just that, and keeping them idle causes more problems. Any car above 75,000 miles might need a timing belt replacement or a fuel pump servicing but if taken care of properly, this vehicle can serve you without major glitches till 200,000 miles. Plus, without proper use, gears and belts tend to accumulate rust or become brittle. Low mileage used cars suffer from such risks which reduces their longevity.

You may also consider high mileage Easley used automobile for sale that is made recently. A 3 to 5-year-old model with over 100,000 miles is sure to carry the latest technologies, both in safety and power train, that eliminates the arguments about possible failures. Modern cars with modern tech rarely see transmission damage or complete engine breakdown till around 300,000 miles and even then, the car preserves some of its life.

Bypass the perils with warranty and reliability

However, if you are apprehensive about the drawbacks of high mileage used cars, consider shopping from buy here pay here lots, Easley, SC, that hand out flat warranties. If your car does face a mechanical glitch, the warranty will cover it and you will not have to pay a penny. Also, stick to the car that has a clean service record. A well-maintained high mileage car is as good as a new car fresh out of the factory.

You can also research and buy makes and models that carry a high-reliability rating. And be sure to keep your options open while shopping for used cars. Toyota may carry the highest reliability score from J.D. Power but the Toyota of Easley is not the place you buy a pickup. Reliability varies according to body style as well and a RAM is always a better bet in the truck segment. High reliability means a lesser chance of having failures and the odometer reading might not matter.

Having said all that, the secret sauce is still maintenance. Nothing matters if the used car did not receive its timely servicing. So, pick the best auto dealership, Easley, and buy a well-maintained quality vehicle without paying much heed to mileage figures.


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