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Top 5 Economical Used SUVs You Can Buy in Easley

SUVs are right up there with pickups when it comes to sales figures in the American auto market. And owing to the high demand for these segments, most vehicles do not come cheap even in used car dealerships. But if you want an SUV for yourself, you should get one, for manufacturers make mid-size SUVs that are affordable and Family Auto car dealerships bring in the quality-factor in the used car market. Here, we have listed the top 5 economical SUV options that you can buy in Easley. Take your pick, explore with Family Auto, and own the SUV you have been longing for to date.

1.Volkswagen Tiguan

The Tiguan as the first name on this list might throw you off but this mid-size SUV is currently underrated in the market. It packs more space than most of its competitors as it comes with third-row seating that most vehicles in this segment omit. Apart from that, you get an all-wheel-drive option along with 184 HP engine power and a modest mileage of 20 mpg in city and 27 mpg on highway. For the price you get it at in the Family Auto buy here pay here dealership, you will surely not mind the Tiguan.

2.Ford Escape

The new Ford Escape may seem pricey but once the models enter the used car market, the dollar figure against it takes a nosedive. However, the Ford Escape does not lose value when it comes to its features. The SUV will give you exceptional handling, 180 HP engine power, and more than enough reliability going forward. The Escape is still one of the safest cars around, as per the crash tests of NHTSA, and you will get it at an economical price in the Family Auto of Easley used car dealership.

3.Subaru Forester

If you want a fuel-efficient used car, this is your vehicle. And if you want a used vehicle with seamless automatic transmission, this is also your vehicle. A used Subaru Forester almost ticks all the right boxes. It can generate up to 182 HP engine power, 1,500 pounds towing, and 30 mpg EPA on the highway. Plus, Subaru’s safety tech has the reputation of being reliable and accurate which makes the car a steal, given the price at Family Auto car dealerships. No doubt, the perfect SUV for Easley!

4.Chevrolet Equinox

One of the cheapest mid-size SUVs out there currently, Chevrolet Equinox is perfect for people who just want a modest car. No-fuss engine capacity with humble towing and above-average EPA, the Equinox packs all the punches for an economical price. At Family Auto, you will get the Equinox with a warranty of 2-years/36,000 miles which will take care of the low-reliability factor. And you can request a recent vehicle and the dealership will make it happen, given its massive inventory.

5.Honda CR-V

Hondas and Toyotas do carry a few extra dollars on them in the used car market but things do not get better than the Honda CR-V. Look among Family Auto cars and the price will not bother you. Sort your financing at the dealership for you can drive home a spacious, fuel-efficient, reliable, and best-selling used SUV. The safety features are impressive. And the infotainment is just right for you and your kids. The CR-V will also not lose much of its resale should you want an upgrade after a few years.


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