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Toyota Tacoma or Ford F150 – Which Should be Your Pick?

In the best buy here pay here South Carolina dealership, you will find both the Toyota Tacoma and the Ford F150 standing in the lot with all their might. Both extremely popular pickup trucks. Both are known for their quality and individual features. When two trucks hold equal potential and then come at nearly the same price, picking one can really become herculean. You cannot just pay your money based on looks. You need to get technical and compare their features in order to select a winner.

Here is a brief comparative study between America’s two famed used trucks. Let this be your guide when you are out shopping for buy here pay here trucks.

Ford F150 returns better horsepower

The first thing you really see in any truck is the amount of horses the vehicle will return. Here, Ford F150 is a clear winner over Toyota Tacoma and that too, by a long margin. The power output range of F150 overall its trims lies in the range of 282 HP to 385 HP. Tacoma, on the other hand, manages a range of 159 HP to 236 HP. Thus, hands down, Ford will have a better towing and hauling capacity than Toyota and can do all your heavy-duty work.

Even EPA is better with Ford

When you get a bulky engine inside your truck, you expect its EPA to suffer. But Ford has managed to keep its fuel consumption ratings at impressive levels even while offering greater power. The Ford F150 returns 19 mpg city and 26 mpg highway. Toyota Tacoma does better in the city with 21 mpg but suffers on highway with 25 mpg. So, if fuel cost savings is in your mind, go for Ford F150 in the top buy here pay here car dealerships in Easley SC.

Toyota has a better reliability rating

And this one factor can trump all other features since you are buying a used truck. Between Toyota Tacoma and Ford F150, Toyota is likely to run you longer than the Ford. That is what reliability simply means. Your repair expenses behind the Tacoma will be far less and delayed and you can really run it for an eternity. Toyota is known for its quality and reliable engines. In this department, Ford is still suffering.

Keep your options open

If you intend to use your truck for a long time, go for Tacoma. If you need haul heavy loads frequently, go for F150. However, if you are getting a low mileage Tacoma when your actual need is the latter, you can then buy Toyota instead of Ford. Visit the top buy here pay here South Carolina dealership to have your options open and buy the truck that suits you.


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