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Used Car Warranties: Understanding the Common Types

Warranties create allures and when they come with used cars, the purchase seems that much sensible. Consumers like the prospect of not having to incur further expenses right after buying a used car and the promise that the repairs will be taken care of definitely seems assuring. Naturally, many dealerships in Easley, South Carolina, come up with unique warranty offers and the common types available include everything, from bumper to bumper to just the media player. This is where understanding the variations become so important as just having a warranty does not mean that you will not have to pay for repairs at all for a few years.

Percentage warranties

There are a few states where the norms allow used car dealers to sell their cars without any warranty. However, to achieve that competitive edge, some dealerships offer what is known as percentage warranties. Here, they agree to pay a part of your repair costs, say 50%, and you will have to take care of the rest. Such warranties do not cover all the car parts and often have limited shelf life like 30 days after which they expire.

Extended warranties

When you search for buy here pay here car lots near me who provide warranties, you might come up with a few names who provide extended warranties. On top of the dealership warranties, if any, you can sign up with a third-party to extend your coverage in exchange for a one-time fee. The range of covered car parts differs extensively from one service provider to another and the payment may go up to $1,500 at times.

Basic warranties

The top no credit check car dealership offers basic warranties. Depending on the model you are buying, you get either a service-oriented warranty or by the miles. Such dealerships cover bumper to bumper in most vehicles or provide powertrain coverage or take care of everything else other than regular maintenance. Basic warranties are by far the most lucrative types and remain available in the reputed names of South Carolina.

Accessory warranties

In some cases, the dealers may have to replace a few accessories in the used cars before they are put up for sale. These parts come with their own warranties provided by the manufacturer and run the span of a month or a year depending on the accessory. If you are getting a basic warranty, these will work as an added bonus. If not, you might just get these warranties and nothing else. So, take your pick accordingly and question your dealership about warranties.


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