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What is Towing Capacity that You See on Used Trucks in Easley?


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Posted by Family Auto of Easley on Wednesday, September 30, 2020

You must have come across terms like towing capacity and payload capacity while shopping for Easley cheap used trucks. The dealer might have also used other terms like braked towing and unbraked towing to impress you with the deal. For used pickup trucks especially, towing capacity is a vital specification that all truck owners must keep in mind. Unless you are buying the vehicle for show, going above the mentioned capacity may wreak havoc in your truck’s powertrain. So, this is a post for the uninitiated – the basics of towing capacity.

What is towing capacity?

To state it simply, towing capacity is the maximum weight your used pickup truck can pull behind itself. This rating excludes the weight that the truck has on itself like passengers, load on the cargo bed, under the seat, and more. Braked towing capacity refers to the weight of the trailer the truck can pull with the trailer having its own braking system. And unbraked towing is the weight towing capacity if the trailer comes without an independent braking system. When you go out to buy a used truck in Easley, check the owner’s manual for all these specifications. Buying the wrong truck can be detrimental.

How overloading affects your truck?

By the rule of thumb, you should always equip your used truck with a trailer that has a weight much lower than the maximum towing capacity. Loading it exactly equal to the specification or more can cause serious damage to the truck’s engine, frame, transmission, and tires. If you do need to go over once in a while, invest in special equipment that helps to increase a truck’s towing capacity by a small margin. Or, pick the best dealer with a large inventory of used cars in Easley and purchase a heavy-duty truck.

How to determine the towing capacity you need?

If you wish to tow a trailer, search online for the exact make and model and figure out the weight of the same. Then, buy a truck whose towing capacity exceeds that figure. In case you do not have a trailer or cannot figure out the exact weight you will be pulling, consult with your dealer to understand which used truck in Easley you will need. Just as investing in a truck with a lower rating of towing capacity does not make sense, going overboard may turn out to be an expensive affair. Pick a reputed used truck dealer, discuss the optimal figure. Buy right and drive without regrets.


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