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Where to Sell Your Old Car? Know It from Easley Residents

The thought of upgrading your old car is probably the easiest. Selling it to a trusted buyer at the right value is where things get difficult. Yes, today you can sell your old car on multiple platforms and in various ways but the sheer number of options available do not assure a fair value. You will either have to wait for an eternity to find a trusted private buyer. Or, you will have to give up the vehicle at outrageous rates in the bid to sell it fast. But there is a balance between the two extremities and these Easley dwellers have found that answer. Read their stories here how they picked our used car dealer in Easley and went for a trade-in.

Mark Madison and his 2003 Morgan 4

Mark was looking to sell his classic 2003 Morgan 4 as he now needed a comfortable SUV that provided some height. “I wasn’t comfortable in using those online websites as I cannot bring myself to trust them and I just do not have the time to search for a private buyer. I heard from my friend that he recently traded his old car at Family Auto of Easley and rushed here without a second thought.” We provided Mark the best value for his old car and helped him finance his new used car with our buy here pay here no credit check auto loan. “I got more than I expected”, was Mark’s parting remarks.

Nancy Prentice and her 2007 Ford Fiesta

Nancy and her family were happily driving the fiesta until recently when they added another family member. She now wanted more cabin space, better safety, and more cargo hold. “Honestly, I was trying to find a private seller because I have heard that private sellers pay more money for old cars. But it did not take long for me to find out that was completely a myth. Most buyers I met were offering rates way less than the market price. Plus, it’s a lot of work when you have a job and family to take care of.” After trying to sell her Fiesta for 6 months, Nancy came to our bad credit dealership in Easley, SC. She traded her car and left happy.

Jose Martinez and his 2006 Toyota Highlander

Jose was sure that he wanted to trade-in his old 2006 Toyota Highlander. He just was not sure where. “I knew that selling my car privately and then buying a used car from Toyota of Easley is going to cost me more money. Before coming to Family Auto, I got estimates at a few other dealerships but Family Auto gave me the best trade-in rate along with an abundance of new used car choices.” Jose was happy to buy another used Toyota but this time, he got a 2-year/36,000 miles warranty. “This is probably the best deal I got among all the used car dealerships I have visited in Easley”, said Jose.


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