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Why Do I Have to Buy a Used Car Warranty?

When a car comes out fresh from the factory, the manufacturer can vouch for its parts and bear the responsibility for any defect. Hence, all new cars come with some sort of warranty. But as soon as a car comes into someone’s ownership, its overall health depends on how well the driver drives it on the road or how well is it taken care of? Hence, when sold as a used car, the manufacturer no longer takes ownership as things go beyond their control. This is why the manufacturer’s warranty is often non-transferable, even when the vehicle is perfectly in good shape.

So, you have to buy a used car warranty

There are, however, third-party warranty providers who are willing to cover your repair costs in return for an upfront fee. The concept works like insurance where you make a one-time payment to get coverage for a certain span. Typically, a used car warranty will cost you around $1,500 for one year. Most Easley car dealerships will try to sell you such extended warranties to give you the peace of mind that every consumer wants in the market. You buy the used car warranty and remained covered for a few months.

Is it worth it?

If you have to pay for it, then warranties are not worth it. As you may already know, modern used cars are built to survive long. Most cars do not see any major repair needs for the first 6-7 years. If you are buying a 5-year-old vehicle, say, and paying $1,500 per an extended warranty of 1 year, be sure that your vehicle will not see any damage in that one year and you will lose that entire $1,500. And even if a vehicle from a dealership with warranty-less used cars for sale in Easley, SC, the repair expenses for the first year will always be less than $1,500.

What should you do?

Buy from used car dealerships in Easley, SC where the warranty comes in the package. Take Family Auto of Easley for example. Here, we do not sell you extended warranties but you get a flat 2-year/36,000 miles warranty on every vehicle in our lot. If something happens to your car in that span, know that you are covered without making any upfront payments. Plus, we absorb and maintain a quality fleet in our lot. Even beyond the warranty period, your used car is bound to run damage-free for a long time. Do not buy a used car warranty when it is available in the package at Family Auto. You deserve a warranty and need not pay for it.


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