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5 Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Used Cars in Easley Directly from Owners

People still look for used cars for sale by owners in Easley even when there is a flurry of dealerships around. And many owners intend to sell their vehicles directly to buyers as well, overlooking the multiple dealerships that have trade-in offers. The reasons of both sides ultimately come down to price. Used car buyers feel that they can get a better rate from private sellers because the latter is often desperate. Owners, on the other hand, look to claim a higher resale price than what they would have gotten in used car dealerships. This mismatch frequently leads to failed transactions, along with a few other parameters that tend to make the whole process complicated.

Here’s what you need to know if you are looking for used cars for sale by owner in Easley.

1. Do not expect a large discount

The notion that private sellers charge less for their cars than dealerships is a story of the past. At a time when obtaining information was still expensive, multiple private sellers used to hand out their vehicles at massive discounts. But now, thanks to the internet, almost everyone knows the market rate of any used car model. And there is no reason why a private seller will give you a massive discount when he/she already knows the price in the market.

2. Expect a high-mileage used car

If someone is going through the hassle of selling their used car privately, it generally means that the vehicle is a personal commodity to the owner. And the chances are high that the owner held on to this vehicle for eternity, thus including a high odometer reading in the package. Now, if the used car had been well-maintained, then the high mileage does not matter. But if the car was neglected, the high reading should have wreaked havoc inside the car.

3. You will have to privately sell your old car as well

Most trade-in offers at used car dealerships carry the tag that you will have to buy a new used car from the dealer in return. If you thus choose to buy from a private seller, you need to sell privately as well to use the dollar value of your previous car in the next one. In a top buy here pay here in Easley, the entire process only takes a few hours. But if you sell and buy privately, the entire process will take days, even weeks to finish.

4. Do not expect warranties

Private owners cannot give your used car warranties. And even if the vehicle they are selling comes under the manufacturer’s warranty, the deal is non-transferable. The only way out is to figure out what is a good warranty on used cars and purchase extended warranties from third-party providers. And that will cost you an extra $1,500 on top of what you pay for the used car. Ultimately, buying used cars for sale in Easley, SC directly from private owners can become expensive.

5.You need a pre-approved auto loan

In the end, you can only buy from private sellers if you have a good credit score. No public or private lender extends pre-approved auto loans to bad credit score holders. This is a major roadblock unless you are paying the entire amount in cash or have a stellar credit score, to begin with. The smarter way – explore if a buy here pay here in Easley is right for you. And get financed easily from a top dealership like Family Auto. Also, get quality used cars backed by hard-to-beat warranties and a massive inventory of used vehicles from where you can choose your next used car.


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